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Sivagiri Pilgrimage Centre Located in Varkala – Tomb of Sri Narayana Guru

Kerala Hindu Pilgrim Center Located in varkkala – Sivagiri

Sivagiri is a well known place for ezhavas is served as the great temple of the social renaissance head in kerala, sree narayana guru. he was a great devotional spirit in the end of 19th century. he found SNDP in 1904 which known as vavoottu yogam in early days by the influence of Dr.palppu as the initiative step for the ezhavas. sivagiri is the samadhi place of sree narayana guru. it was the restinng place of sree narayana guru in his last days. he named kunninpuram as sivagiri. shivagiri is most visited place of ezhavas and great pilgrim center dedicate to sree narayana guru.

sivagiri is located at the hill rock,peoples climb a few steps to headed to the tomb. the tomb of sree narayna guru known as maha samdhi mandapam. the things which used by guru are kept here in a holy manner.varkala is the place that belongs to the temple commonly known as dakshina kasshi, the scenic nature beauty was the criteria for guru to choose this place as the rest place for him, few years later he made a parnasala for meditation and rest, there many followers to him. we will soon update about yearly theerthadanam at shivagiri temple varkkala.

Sivagiri Pilgrimage Centre Located in Varkala
Sivagiri Pilgrimage Centre Located in Varkala

The annual festival in the temple conducted december 30 to january, these three are the special days that celebrate a grand manner in the temple, it concluded after the great conference. a lot oof pilgrimages reach during the festival season in this place. varkkala town is located very close to the spot. both bus services and trains are available to focus at the destination located at a distance of 3 km. the nearest airport is located at trivandrum which is about 51 km distance.

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