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Sree poornathrayeesa temple kochi, poojas and special offerings

Sree poornathrayeesa temple, dedicate to lord vishnu as santhanagoplamoorthy

sree poornathrayeesa
sree poornathrayeesa

Sree poornathrayeesa temple is one of the ancient temple in kerala which dedicate to lord vishnu, the temple is the family god of the entire kochin kingdom in early days, poorna thrayeesa has a great meaning in malayalam, poorna means complete thra means three and is a means god, that is the name refers the god of knowledge. the architecture of the temple follows a pure kerala style architecture, inside the sanctum sanatorium lord vishnu is worshiped in the form of the lord of knowledge as three vedas. the main idol the lord vishnu is in sitting posture inside the temple.

The sanctum sanatorium is extremely by the wood structure, the origin of the temple architecture is unknown but the temple was destroyed by a fire after that it was rebuilt in the present form by a concrete structure. it was first time in kerala. lord ganesha is the main sub deity of the temple, there is a small hole in the sreekovil which offers a view to the deity for the devotees. The temple enshrines the santhanagopala murthy. five poojas are performed daily in the temple. many devotees reach here to have the childs by worshiping the santhanagopala moorthy.

There are many festivals are conducted in the temple every year. uthram vilakku, para utsavam, sankara narayana ulsavam, vrishchika ulsavam, onbathathi ulsavam, athachamyam are most of them. moosari ulsavam is another main festival hosts in the temple to memorize the smith who made the idol of the prime deity. keda vilakku is the main offering of poornathrayeesa temple. it is very easy to reach at the temple, ernakulam is the nearest town located at a distance of 10 km which connect to temple by private services. thripunithura is the nearest railway station and cochin international airport is located at distance of 20 km.

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