List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Sreekandeswaram temple, popular for celebrating thiruvathira and festival

Sreekandeswaram temple, popular pilgrim center for mahadeva in trivandrum

Sreekandeswaram temple in trivandrum is also known as pazhaya sree kandeswaram temple is a one of the ancient temple in the district, the principal deities of sreekandeswaram temple are lord shiva and krishna, it is believed that the idols of the deities was installed by sage parasurama, it says that the installation of lord krishna for reducing the furious of lord shiva, the name sreekandeswaram denotes the name of lord shiva. it glorifying the ancient history of kerala, mural paintings are the notable one, this is one of the attracting factor of this temple. there are some main deities holding in the temple like lord sastha, ayyappa, hanuman, bhoothathan etc.

presence of goddess parvathy, the consort of lord shiva with no idols, according to the hindu legends it says that the place where the temple situated was discovered by a sweeper lady in old days, she got the dasrshan of lord shiva while she rested there. travancore devaswom board has the responsibilities to managing the kshethram. nirmalaya darshan is one of the main spiritual event host at sreekandeswram which is the dasrhan of early morning when the temple opens. it believed that when a devotee can take part at nirmalya darshan will fulfill his desires.

sreekandeswaram temple trivandrum
sreekandeswaram temple trivandrum

all poojas about lord shiva also conducted here as usual in all other shiva temples especially the mrityunjaya pushpanjali. mahasivarathri is the festival that falls in february or march months. thiru utsavam in malayalam month dhanu lasts for ten days. dhanu- thiruvathira is a special day for both shiva and parvathy. it will easy to access at the destination, main bus station at trivandrum just 1 km away and the nearest rail head is also very close to sreekandeswaram temple at a distance of 2 km. trivandrum international airport is only with 5 km distance from the spot.

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