List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Sri aranganathar temple srirangam, lord vishnu as ranganathar with lakshmi

sri aranganathar temple, one among the108 divya desams at srirangam, tamilnadu

Sri aranganathar kovil is one of the popular vaishnava shrines in tamilnadu which is ranked in one among the 108 divya desams. divya desams are the main temple locations dedicate to lord vishnu. it is believed that the idol of lord vishnu in the temple is self manifested one. there are eight swayambhu shrines of lord vishnu totally in south india. it is very vast structure sprawling an area about 2 acres. inside the sanctum sanatorium th main shrine is lord vishnu as ranganathaswami with his consort lakshmi as ranganayaki. the architecture of sri aranganathar kovil is very amazing one by following dravidan style, there are more than 600 inscriptions inside the temple complex.

Butter and kumkumam powder are the offerings to the main shrine. vaikunda ekadashi is the most important celebration at sri aranganathar kovil which usually falls in tamil month margazhi. jyethabhisheka is another main event at the temple which is the holy jewel clearing ceremony at the temple. brahmotsavam festival is the main one which is usually falls in tamil month panguni. ratholsavam is the annual chariot festival which host february or march months every year, this is the holy procession festival by carrying out the deity in the golden chariot and for the procession around the temple.

Sri aranganathar temple srirangam
Sri aranganathar temple srirangam

The main tower rajagopuram is the largest tower in india. sri aranganathar kovil holding 17 huge gopurams, 50 sub shrines, 39 pavilions, and nine sacred water pools. ayiram kaal mandapam is the star attraction at the temple which is the huge auditorium with thousand pillars. it is well connect by buses. thiruchirappalli is the nearest city at a distance of 9 km. thiruchirappalli has both rail head and the bus station. sri rangam railway station is the nearest rail head at a distance of 0.5 km. tthiruchirappalli is the nearest airport at a distance of 15 km.

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