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Sri ranganathaswami temple tamilnadu, pooja timings and entry

Sri ranganathaswami temple, located in srirangam island- Trichy

Sri ranganathaswami temple is a majestic view of temple architecture by the excellence by dravida, the temple is dedicate to lord vishnu, sri ranganathaswami temple is lies in srirangam island of thiruchirappalli island of tamilnadu state. this is the best example of dravidan style of temple architecture in tamilnadu. lord vishnu is worshipped as ranganatha in the temple except the prime deity, there are 49 sub deities are focused at the compound of the temple which sprwling an area about 150 acres.

the temple was surrounded by 7 huge walls on the outer coutyard. gopurams are the highlight of the temple it is dotted with the gopurams, the raja gopuram is the heighest gopuram at a height of 236 feet, which is one of the tallest heights in Asia same as kuttab minar india. Sri ranga mahathmyam says aabout the origin of the temple how was actually happened, when lord rama returned after killing the cruel demon ravana, he appointed vibhishana as the king of lanka after the war, when vibhishana was going via trichy en route to sri lanka, the deity wants to stay him in srirangam, ranganatha captivated by the devotion of dharma varma, he don the permanent rituals for ranganatha swami stayed put, promising to cast his eternally on lanka and hence the deity is faces south.

Sri ranganathaswami temple
Sri ranganathaswami temple

It is believed that the temple was actually built by chola dynasty in 10th century, there are 21 gopurams, 50 sub deities, pavilions and some water bodies also focused at the temple. the temple is open at 6’o clock at morning till 9.00 pm. brhamotsavam, vaikashi, jyestabhisheka, ratholsvam are the mian festivals hosts at this temple. except this annual festival is the major one. the nearest rail head and the bu station is located at trichy at distance of 10 km via NH 38. The nearest airport is also at trichy.

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