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Sri vaikundam perumal temple, navathirupathi at the banks of thamara bharani

one among the 108 divya desams for lord vishnu – Sri vaikundam perumal temple

Sri vaikundam perumal temple is one among the 18 divya desams or holly place dedicate lord lord vishnu and glorified in divya prabhandha and also considered as nava thirupathi temple which is specially dedicate to lord sun. lord vishnu in the temple worshiping as vaikunda nathar with his consort lakshmi devi as vaikudavalli. bhoomi devi is also another consort placed at this temple. navathirrupati temple reveals the relation btween vaishnavite shirine and sun. it located at the banks of thamara bharani river. sri vaikundam perumal temple built by following dravida style of architecture. huge raja gopuram is the prime attraction at the spot. some amazing paintings at the wall is considered as very ancient one. most of them in ruined stage.

Thamarabharani river is the holy water source belongs to the temple. sri vaikundam perumal temple covering a large area about 5 acres and surrounded with granite walls. there are six inscriptions totally exist in the temple. prime deity sri vauikunda nathar installing in the main sanctum in a standing posture which built by salagram stone. serpant of the shrine called adisesha installed together with the main deity. bhu devi and sri devi are the consorts of the srine which is also installed in here and both of them are made by panchaloha material.

Sri vaikundam perumal temple offerings
Sri vaikundam perumal temple offerings

Sri vaikundam is rich with celebrating festivals, garuda sevai festival is the event that is hosting in vaigasi month, it is the procession of nava thirupathi shrine on the holy vehicle of lord vishnu, garuda. so that it got the name garuda sevai. every day annadaanam will provide for the visitors at the spot. sri vaikundam can be easily acccess from other cities by buses, regular services connect to the spot. nearest rail head is tutricorn at a distance of 24 km. nearest possible airport focus at Madurai.

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