List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Thanumalayan temple, famous for worshiping trimoorthis in the same sanctum

Thanumalayan temple famous for celebrating the ten day car festival at suchindram

Thanumalayan kovil is one among the temple which give the equal importance to both shiva and vishnu, it was early called sthanu malaya. sthanu means siva, mala for vishnu and then ayan for brahma later it known as thanumalayan. it located at suchindram of kanyakumari district. the main feature of this temple is trimurties are worshiped in the same sanctum sanatorium. inside the sanctum lings which represents the trinity. this is the unique feature by three shrines worshiped in the same sanctum. this is the rarest posture and this is unique one in india. thanumalayan kovil located at the bank of pazhayar river.

The amazing structure of this temple shows the excellence of dravidan style, which reflecting in all areas of the structure, this is one of the ancient temples in india. there are thirty sub shrines found at the temple compound. gopuram, mandapas and garbha griha are the prime attraction of this temple. the gopuram is seven tired one. it has several mandapas include alangara mandapam, chembakaraman mandapam and garuda mandapam. the musical pillars are the main highlight of the alangara mandapam, which produce the melodious tunes from it. chembakaraman mandapam shows the excellence art in its pillars.there is a huge statue of nandi which is the largest one all over the country.

suchindram thanumalayan temple
suchindram thanumalayan temple

Ten day car festival is the major festival host at thanumalayan kovil which falls in the months may december or january, theppam is another major festival hosts at the temple during april or may. There is an image of Lord Anjaneya opposite to Lord Rama’s Shrine. It is about 5.5 m high and is said to represent the Viswarupa of Hanuman as shown to Sita at Ashoka Vana in Lanka. kanyakumari is the nearest city at a distance of 13 km having all ways of transportation to other cities.

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