List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Thirumandhamkunnu temple, famous for hosting laksharchana and kalampattu

Kerala devi temple to hosting mangalaya pooja and pooram festival – thirumandhamkunnu temple

Thirumandhamkunnu temple is one of the popular pilgrim center in Kerala located angdaipuram village in malappuram district. it is famous for worshiping goddess which is the family god of valluvandan kings. there was a great history relation in this kshethram with mamankam, regiment who participating in mamankam was left from here, they are called chavers, there is a historical monument established at the entrance of the temple to memorise the great warriors. mangalya pooja is the main ritual at this kshethram, thousands of youth visit this temple to have the best pair bythe blessings of goddess. mangalya pooja offering is for ganapathy to clears the obstacles on marriage.

Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram Date is 02 April 2018 at Thirumandhamkunnu Temple Malappuram

Thirumandhamkunnu temple is an important pilgrim center in malappuram, annual pooram festival hosting in the kshethram is a vary mass event, it is the great celebration for the peoples all from malabar region. it usually falls in march or april months which is in malayalam month meenam, the celebrations are initiated from kal pattu ritual, and then it lasts for 11 days in a grand way, it ends with arattu ceremony on makayiram star day of meenam. procession of the deity taken out from the sanctum for procession in these days.

Thirumandhamkunnu temple
Thirumandhamkunnu temple

Rigveda lakshaarchana and chandattam are to other main offerings has great devotional significance than any other temples. rigveda laksharchana will lasts for seven days and it usually holds in mandalakalam season, it is the process of chanting the rigeveda mantras by vedic brahmins and worship the prime deity with flowers a hundred thousand times. it is believed that the rigveda laksharchana host at thirumandhamkunnu temple will give prosperity to that whole village. angadipuram is the nearest bus terminal at a distance of 1 km. the closest rail heads are angadipuram and tirur with distances 1 and 40 km respectively. calicut international airport is the nearest one at a distance of 42 km.

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