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Thirunagari adinatha, a popular planet temple temple dedicate to jupiter

Thirunagari adinatha- vishnu temple one of the nava thirupathy temples

Thirunagari adinatha is a popular vishnu temple in tmil nadu which is one among the nava thirupathi temples in tamilnadu. this place also known as guruthoor, this represnts one of the nine planets Jupiter. it is believed that the main deity lord vishnu is the self manifested one here. the main deity also known as adinatha perumal for the devotees. thirunagari adinatha temple located at the banks of thamaraparani river. according to the hindu mythology there are nine temples totally including the navathirupathi temple, this is the fifth one among navathirupathy and represent Jupiter guru. the prime deity in standing posture which facing to the east direction.

It is believed that the image of lord vishnu self manifested from the earth. thirukurukoor nayagi and adinath anayagi are the consorts of adinatha moorthy which also installed as separate shrines. tamarind is the holy tree belongs to the thirunagari adinatha temple. stone nadaswaram is the star attraction of the temple which made with stone and many years old holds in the temple. temple is known by different names, thera re different stories about it. as the request by the sages lord vishnu appeared his third incarnation varah narayanan so that it called varahathiram. other names of thirungari adinatha perumal are dantha kshethram, thirtha kshethram etc.

Thirunagari adinatha Temple
Thirunagari adinatha Temple

Garudai sevai festival is the grand event relate to this temple, garuda is egle which is the holy vehicle of lord vishnu. it usually falls in tamil month vaikasi. visaka star day is the birth event takes place i the temple and procession of the deity will takes place with this festival. thirumanjanm is the main offering to adinatha perumal. it is very easy to locate at the temple from thirunelveli bus station. the nearest airport is at thoothukudi.

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