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Thiruparankundram Temple, most auspicious place for hosting marriages

Thiruparankundram Temple, the holy place having high religious friendship

Thiruparankundram Temple has a great significance compared to other muruga temples in south india, this is one of the holy places of lord muruga as the six abodes of lord muruga the remaining five are also located at the different areas of the state. the six abodes of lord muruga commonly known as arupadai veedu. the palce has close relation with the martial part of lord muruga, lord muruga also known as karthikeya according to the hindu myth, the son of lord shiva and parvathy. we have posted pooja timings and important temple festivals at murugan kovil Thiruparankundram here.

Karthikeya born as the deva senapathy of lords in heaven so that it is necessary to save all from cruel demons. sura padma was a cruel demon who killed by muruga, this is the holy marriage place, it was the venue of the holy marriage between deivayani, the daughter of indra and lord muruga. The significance of the place that the people who host marriage at this palce having a successful life by the blessing of lord muruga, it considered as the most auspicious places for marriage.

Thiruparankundram murukan kovil info
Thiruparankundram murukan kovil info

The religious friendship can be seen in the temple except the hindu devotees the peoples frrom other religions are also visited the temple. the 14 day festival in the month march or april celebrated in the temple to remembering the holy marriage and victory against sura padma. The prime deity is focused on the hill rocks, except that lord vishnu and shiva are also shrines in the temple. the holy water sources are called theerthams which situated adjacent to the temple sanyasi kinaru, saravana poigai, lakshmi theertham etc.

Water from these sources are very precious one. people reach at the Thiruparankundram Temple, also visit the theerthams and achieve the blessings of lord muruga. it is easy to reach at the temple located close to madurai.

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