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Thrikkakkara vamanamoorthy, a rare vamana temple located at ernakulam

Thrikkakara vamanamoorthy, unique temple in kerala to worship vamana

thrikkakkara vamanamoorthy temple kerala
thrikkakkara vamanamoorthy temple kerala

Thrikkakara vamanamoorthy temple is one of the rare temple to dedicate lord vaman is the 5th avatar of lord mahavishnu, in common words the deity known as thrikakara appan. onam and the related story is very close to here. a lot of devotees reach here on onam days. thrikkakkara vamanamoorthy has a prominent place in hindu legend. onam feast at the temple is very popular during thiruvonam.

According to hindu mythology, mahabali was an a king of asura kingdom, he ruled the three worlds, he ruled kerala.devas in heaven feared by the growing of the asura king and they think that will affect the heaven. they approached mahavishnu to solve the crisis, they to prevent the grow of mahabali, mahavishnu appears as a small boy and aarrived in the palace of asura, mahabali served him very well, but the boy need only one thing, he requests for three feet soil of his kingdom, first two measurements covers all areas of asura kingdom.

there is no way to obey his condition finally mahabali shows his head for the boy to measure the final feet. he pushed downwards to pathalam. but mahabali had only only one request, he wants to see the peoples of kerala every year in malayalam month chingam. the arrival mahabali is celebrated as onam in kerala. IT is believed the event above mentioned is takes place here and the meaning of thrikkakara means the foot of vamana.

10 day annual festival is celebrated here, the festival start with hoisting the flag and 10 days of celebration is end in thiruvonam day. thursday and saturday are the special days for rituals. pooja timings start from 4.30 am to 11.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm. The temple located in between thrissur ernakulam highway, it located 10 km north east from ernakulam

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