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Thrikkaviyoor mahadeva temple, worship to god shiva, hanuman and vishnu

Thrikkaviyoor mahadava temple, worship to mahadeva

Thrikkaviyoor mahadeva temple
Thrikkaviyoor mahadeva temple

Thrikkaviyoor mahadava temple is famous by its history whcich relates the ancient epic ramayana, the princcipal deity of the temple is mahadev and sub deities are hanuman and krishna, thrikkaviyoor mahadava temple located in pathanamthitta district. sub deities are installed in separate temple belong to the main temple. it is one of tthe rare temples for worshiping lord anjaneyaa. dakshinamoorthy and ganapathy are installed in the southwest part of the main sanctum. it is believed that the idol of principal deity is made up of sand and darbha grass. it is believed that the main idol installed by lord sreerama.

According to the mythology, during the return journey of sreerama after the war from lanka with sita, lakshmana and vibheeshana. rama asked to hanuman to took a divyalingam from kailasa, hanuman searched for that, but he cannot found the divyalinga, at the same time rama mold a linga with sand from the near place and installed hanuman returned with divya linga he can see that the installation was already over, he became very sad, then rama says to rama remove the sand linga and replace that with divyalinga, hnauman tried the maximum effort to remove the sand linga, finally he realized his mistake and he prayed pardon to rama, he requests rama to he want to stay there, he agreed and go back with the old days the temple was known as kapiyoor means the place of monkey but it is formed to kaviyoor.

the offerings to mahadev and vishnu is same as other temples, the offerings to hanuman is notable aval Panthirunazhi, is very delicious, vadamala( garland made with vada), betel leaf garland is another offering to is easy to reach the temple when you reach thiruvalla, there are many private bus services touch the temple road.

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