List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Uravappara temple, a kovil dedicate for bala subrahmanya at the hill top

close associate with the great epic mahabharatha – Uravappara temple

A peaceful atmosphere on the hill rock with devotion can be experienced by visit at uravappara temple. it located entirely in a different location compared to other hindu temples in kerala. uravappara is situated at thodupuzha in idukki district which is about 500 feet above from the sea level. the presiding deity of kshethra i lord muruga. lord muruga at here worshipped as bala subrahmanya which means the childhood form of lord muruga. devotees only reached after climb the fleet of steps. the architecture is very simple and which does not explore a huge architecture, main deity installed in a round structured sanctum sanatorium at the hill top.

Sree subrahmanya swami temple at uravappara is also known as malayala palani or palani of kerala, however haripad subrahmanya swami kovil is most commonly known as dakshina palani. the history of this temple is closely associated with the mahabharatha legends. according to the legends the uravappara or the pond at the rock is created by bhima during the twelve years of exile. bhima produced water spring by his foots when there occured the shortage of water. after applying the great force by bhima there was produced pond having great water source. however there are different stories are exist on the name of uravappara.

uravappara subramanyaswami temple
uravappara subramanyaswami temple

It is believed that the idol of lord muruga at uravappara temple is a self manifested one which is also known as swayambhu. thai pooyam is one of the main festival celebrated here. the annual festival is host on malayalam month makaram which is usually falls in january or february. salt and pepper is the main offering at uravappara temple. olamattam is the actual destination where the kshethra is located which only at a distance of 2 km from thodupuzha. there are regular bus services available from thodupuzha to other main cities of kerala.

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