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Vilwadrinatha temple, dedication to lord sree rama and lakshmana

vilwadrinatha temple, daily rituals and significance of the temple

Vilwadrinatha temple is a famous temple in thrissur district which situated at thiruvilwamala, the principal deity of the temple is lord rama is the seventh incarnation of lord mahavishnu. lakshmana has the prominence as lord rama in vilwadrinatha sree rama swami temple. the idol of lord rama is facing towards to western direction which is self manifested one so that which is known as swayabhu image, the unique feature of the temple which only has the the self manifested image of lord rama ever in kerala. the idol of lord rama is feet tall made with a special kind of stone called patalanjana shila. the idol of lord lakshmana facing towards east direction it also made with patanjana shila. there are 50 steps for heading to the destination.

Thiruvilwamala Vilwadrinatha Temple
Thiruvilwamala Vilwadrinatha Temple

The temple is open at 4’o clock in the morning for performing the daily rituals, there are five daily poojas and three seevelis are hosts in the temple. and it closes at 12.00 pm after completing the daily rituals. there is a temple pond locate in the temple compound, the devotees must take bath or dip in the holy water of the temple pond before entering to the sanctum. thiruvilwamala ekadashi is the important festival hosts at the temple also sree rama navami is another one which celebrates a grand way in the temple. palpayasam offering is the special offering for the deity. the great significance about the temple is the fulfillment of the unmarried persons who got better half after pray to lord ram.

Thrissur city is about 50 km from the temple, there are bus services available at thrissur. the nearest rail heads are ottappalm is about 14 km distance and shornur is about 20 km. the nearest possible airport is focused at cochin at a distance of 90 km.

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