List of Popular Hindu Temples and Pilgrim Centers In India

Walkeshwar temple, highest point at navi mumbai dedicated to lord shiva

Walkeshwar temple, famous for conducting annual Hindustani music at navi mumbai

Walkeshwar is the place where showing the great spiritual center for worshiping lord shiva, it has also a great cultural prominence and which is close associate with indian epic ramayana. walkeshwar temple located at south mumbai near to malabar hills, this is the point where the highest spot in malabar hill regions. walksehwar mandir also known as ban ganga temple. this is one of the oldest mandir in india. ban ganaga is the temple tank which focused adjacent to the temple and hence it also known by the name of the temple tank.

According to hindu mythology the incidents of walkeshwar temple close associate with ramayana, he stopped here on teh way to lanka after abduct sita by ravana, he determined to worship lord shiva at this spot, his brother lakshmana left there to find an idol to worship. rama waited a long time to lakshmanaa, he made an diol with ssand and worship lord shiva. valuka is the name for sand in sanskrit and hence the mandir got the name valuka eshwar and then walkeshwar. he became thirsty at this place he made a water source of river ganga by using his arrows, in sanskrit arrows are called banas and hence the water tank called bana ganga tank. it was recreated during the period of gauda saraswta period.

Walkeshwar temple
Walkeshwar temple

Walkeshwar temple is maintained and administrated by gauda saraswata trust. full moon day of every month is very special at this temple. ban ganga festival is the annual event host here in a grand way which giving high prominence for Hindustani music. this is the star attraction at the festival. charni road railway station is the nearest rail head located at a distance of 4 km. approach private services after reaching at charni road. chathrapati sivaji international airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 22km from the spot.

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