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Yamunotri temple, dedicate to goddess yamuna and origin of river yamuna

Yamunotri mandir, a seasonal temple at the garwahl Himalayan regions

Yamunotri mandir is seasonal temple which only open for march to november, temple dedicate to goddess yamuna located at the garwahl Himalayan regions in uthrakhand. it was built during the end of 19th century. it located at height of 3239 meters high from the sea level. yamunaotri mandir opens on akshaya tritheeya day which usually falls on the end of april or the beginning of may. on the day of opening the idol of goddess carried out from the nearest village which is made by granite, it says that it was the mother home of goddess yamuna. it says that yamuna devi is the daughter of lord sun and samghya devi.

Yama dwithiya is the final celebration at yamunotri mandir before closing the the temple which falls in october or november, which is the day after diwali. yamunothri is commonly known as the origin of river yamuna, the largest tributary to river gamga. saptharishi kund is the actual origin of river yamuna which is very adjacent to the temple, according to the hindu mythology, the single dip in the holy water of yamuna will washes away the all sins of humans. divya sheel is the holy pillar to the temple which located here, the rituals are also performed at this pillar.

Yamunotri temple Uttarakhand offerings
Yamunotri temple Uttarakhand offerings

surya kund and gauri kund are two water sources belong to the temple.phool devi festival and basant panchami are the two main festivals at yamunotri, these two are conducts at the opening season of the temple. olgia festival celebrated in august. jolly grant airport at dehrahdoon is the nearest airport to yamunotri at a distance of 196 km. dehrahdoon is also the nearest rail head, rishikesh is the next closest rail head at a distance of 200kmm. buses are more comfortable to travel in these regions. barkot and dehrahdoon are the comfortable road way to the temple

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